I am offering MS office (word, excel, powerpoint) related work including any type of data entry and files conversions. I have more than 10 years hands on experience in this field. Committed to work and deadlines with honesty and hard work. Your first experience will surely became you proud on choosing me. I can provide revisions untill it will satisfied you.
It includes:
-Custom sheet creation directly or from any other source like image, pdf etc.
-Simple formulas to complex formulas for scattered data
-Vlookup/Hlookup, sum, sumif, conditions, index, match, macros etc.
-Table creation to add auto rows and formulas (custom sheet to expand as required)
-Data linkage between different sheets/files
-Auto Invoice creation with link to basic data
-Profit & Loss, Expenses, Costs, Payroll
-Data entry
-Excel/Word to pdf, pdf to word/excel
-xlsx, xls, xlsxm, xlsm, xlsxt, xlst, csv, doc, docx, pdf
-Powerpoint slides with effects
-File conversion (any type to any type)
-Any many more
Please send me details first, discuss then I’ll send you custom order.
Basic order for simple sheet creation is $5. For next level, pricing will be defined on nature of work.
Don’t wait and send me order!